A lake, mountain and cabin

We arrived two-up on the bike after getting about an hours ride out from the township on pot-holed gravel roads.  Passed a massive moose skeleton freshly killed and gleaned of its meat by what would have only been another large Brown bear.  When we pulled up at the trail head, I was checking out the bike to see how she handled the rough road, when from behind the bushes a guttural growl made me jump back a metre or two - that noise unmistakeable.  Hand back on the bear spray, but he split pretty quick so no need to use it, think the bike might've scared him off.. IMG_4475 It was a decent 7 or 8 mile hike up to our destination, not that far, but when combined with big Alaskan downpours and negotiating rivers and lakes and accidentally following bear trails instead of the hiking trail, it was enough to wear us out by the time we got there. IMG_5251 I discovered pack rafts, a most amazing invention, which actually made it possible to cross the lake to where an old hunters cabin offered shelter from the rain (not from the incessant mozzies) for the night.  It had an old portable kerosene heater which was bloody amazing to say the least.. IMG_4453 IMG_5280 IMG_5296 Fishing was superb, i've never fished in a river where every cast reels in another catch, couldn't believe it.  Rainbow trout galore.  We took 3 for dinner, quite the exquisite way to end a great days in the forest and muskeg.  Spent the rest of the night carving a whale from a spruce root with Gleb's carving set.  Discovered I quite like carving, might invest in a little set one day... IMG_5267 Gleb just finished his studies in film, and is currently producing material for a sports fishing lodge during the summer, he's passionate and knowledgeable about nature and the outdoors and is well on his way to becoming a wildlife filmmaker.  He plans to hike back out to that cabin solo for a few weeks at the end of summer - an experience I think would be truly enriching. IMG_4528 IMG_4563 IMG_5313 IMG_5320IMG_5314IMG_5043carve2

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