A Long Ride South

It seems a long time ago that I made my last post.   I’ve covered over 13,500 km in total now, most of it solo, and have been fortunate enough to live some amazing experiences as well as meet genuinely great people who’ve now become great friends.  To me that’s the best part of being on the road.   There’s been times of pure joy, moments of exhilaration, moments of contentedness, and moments where I’ve felt totally burnt out.  So far the trip has been everything I expected, and way more…   I left Alaska about a month ago…   David Ryberg is the guy in the photo below, he’s is a motorcycle mechanic, who very generously helped me figure out a few things on my bike before beginning the long ride down.  He also let me pitch my tent out the front of his cabin and gave me way too much beer.  Thanks mate.   DSC00551   I set off stoked…   DSC00756   Passing through a range of awesome landscapes – I didn’t stop that much, determined to make some ground.     DSC00578   Sometimes I wouldn’t see anyone else on the road for hours.   DSC00624 DSC00604 IMG_9882   The bike held up beautifully, she coasts along at 100kmh no worries, although the extra weight of the sidecar along with the gravel and chip-seal roads ate my tires in record time.  Only got 2000 miles on my last rear – errrshhh.   DSC00683   The roads were about as spectacular as they get – my sidecar dwarfed by the environment, at times it almost felt like I was on another planet.   IMG_2366   Every night on the journey down I’d find somewhere off the road to camp.  Up that way it wasn’t too hard as the amount of wilderness is almost overwhelming.  But it’s reassuring to see such epic vistas untouched by humans, economics and the machines.   IMG_2966   As an Australian, the distant howls of wolf packs and coyotes at night was an eerily awesome experience.   IMG_0415 DSC00738 IMG_2049   The non-stop riding continued for weeks – I can’t even remember how long it took.  I didn't have power on the road for the most part, but my Goal Zero Sherpa Solar pack made it possible to keep shooting in the backcountry.   DSC00754   Totally in mission mode.   Eat. Ride. Unpack. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Pack. Ride.  Appreciate natural beauty.  Ride.   Dreaming of the ocean.   DSC00745   Was an epic experience, but one that took it out of me a bit, mainly because I was eating poorly.  I’d somehow gotten it into my head that a good way to save money was to scrimp on the sort of food I bought, especially because the price of fresh produce in Alaska is so exorbitant (due to seasonal restrictions and imports).  So peanut butter sandwiches, pasta and rice became the norm.  They kept me going yet wore me down at the same time.   Prior to the ride I’d been picking a lot of berries and eating salmon when I could, but no time for such luxuries when you’re hanging onto a bike at 65mph.   I didn’t realise how much it had been affecting me until, I came to a stop on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.   DSC00669

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