An interview with a Tlingit mastercarver

For some reason I have always been drawn to the native art of the Pacific Northwest.  There's something about it's bold use of line, shape, colour, and especially the use of negative space that has always fascinated me.  Perhaps it's also because its inspirations are deeply rooted in nature... When I embarked on my first solo wanderings at the age of 22 I committed to a rather large Tlingit/Haida tattoo of the sun on my back, and ever since then i've felt the need to go to where the designs originate, out of respect, but also because I wanted to learn more about the art itself. So I was really stoked when Chief Baty (Robert M Baty) agreed to show me his carving and give me a background on its history and processes. IMG_4239 I was blown away with its quality, as well as the use of different materials that he sourced locally.  Beautiful wood, mother of pearl, copper and furs of sea otter, snow fox and rabbit.  Craftsmanship at its finest, at least that's what I thought. IMG_4277 IMG_4268 IMG_4263 I was mainly shooting moving pictures rather than stills , and so you can only see one of his masks (he had quite a few others) and his canoe here, but at least it'll give you a bit of insight into his beautiful work.  Thanks Chief! IMG_4254  

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