This particular post is long overdue and unfortunately far from all encompassing.   Its about the generosity of strangers and new friends.  I don’t really know where to begin with it.  Definitely can’t start listing all the people who’ve showed me kindness for no reason other than being good humans – there’s just too many.   The North Amercian continent has blown my mind so far, and the people within it have cemented my love for this place, I’ve felt nothing but stoke (apart from seaside point and the rather strange Alaskan woman who kept throwing stones at me in my tent).   I guess this post is just about saying thankyou.   I lost my leatherman that was given to me by my parents 10 years ago before my first series of travels – Jim gave me his that he’s had for over 20 years, the original model made in Oregon.   I broke my sunglasses – Jason gave me his.  I broke my sunnies again – Greg gave me his.   I’ve been bought coffees, beers, dinners, breakfast, lunches and deserts.  Given roofs to crash under - last night I slept in a new friend’s trailer as it poured with rain.  My tent still in tatters from where it blew across the rocks into the ocean.   Been given a furry onesie and a board bag to sleep in after pulling my tent and all my sleeping gear wet from the ocean.   Been given duct-tape with flying pigs on it to fix my tent.   Found vouchers for a bakery tucked into my bike by an anonymous lady.   I’ve was even given $40 cash for the road once.  Forced to take it, stuffed into my hand, by a genuinely good bloke.   Free work done on my bike, free parts, free labour – wouldn’t accept anything.   Sage advice given, and taken.  Strong handshakes and genuine smiles.   Even vegemite and an awesome jar of peanut satay sauce.   New friends made.  So many good vibes.   I’ve tried to offer what I can also, and I hope I’ve never seemed like I was asking for any of it, certainly tried my best to refuse some – but down the track, one day, I’ll pass all this generosity forward.   Thankyou for everything so far North America – you’re awesome.

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