The Farmstead

I think I’ve already mentioned in the posts below how I managed to run myself into the ground by the time I arrived into Vancouver - riding hard and eating badly.   If ever there was a healing formula for such a condition, organic veggies seem to do it for me.   On my way through Vancouver City enroute to Washington I decided to drop into friends Heather and Lauren’s place, I was interested in learning a little more about how they had setup their urban farm Yummy Yards – growing and selling amazing fresh and organic food in the city.  You can check it out here.   IMG_3744   I turned up in time for a Friday night feast of sorts with a bunch of good crew, something that must go down a lot on the farmstead - a sweet little house nestled amongst towering maples, apple orchards, flowers and a mouth-watering array of groundcover.   IMG_3754   Turns out these organic entrepreneurs have a range of mini farms scattered throughout urban Vancouver, on land that might otherwise have only harboured lawn or weeds.   IMG_3685   I hadn’t really heard a lot about urban farms before, although I guess CERES in Brunswick is a similar sort of thing, except Heather and Lauren run theirs as a business rather than a not-for-profit.  So I asked them if I could do a little filming - luckily they said yes, and then even went ahead and cooked me the best breakfast I’d had on the trip so far.  Think homemade kimchi, 4 types of homemade jam, homemade bread, freshly harvested vegies and good coffee on a sunny little veranda surrounded by hundreds of curing onions and garlics hanging from the ceiling.   IMG_3658   The next day Heather came up with an idea to trade some vegies for a fresh salmon down at the docks, so we headed to one of the farms for a choice harvest, one sure to please any fisherperson.   IMG_3598 IMG_3604 IMG_3615 IMG_3618IMG_3627   Then we headed down to the docks, where Heather worked her magic on some unsuspecting fisherman - he traded a prime fish without a second thought.  He did get a killer deal…   IMG_3644 IMG_3637 IMG_3643 IMG_3648 IMG_3656   Now that we had a fish, it was a quick stop for 8 strips of Big Leaf Maple bark.   IMG_3659   A pinch of cliff jumping..   Lighthouse Park Cliffjump Matt 6.9.2014 IMG_3667 IMG_3669   A dash of rock climbing...   20140906_194721   It was quite the day, and by the time we got back to the farmstead it was already night, but all 3 of us jumped into action and got a radiating bed of coals stoked in the pit (love getting stoked in the pit).  Made edible flower and blackberry salads, and strapped up the salmon with the maple branch and bark for a jungle-style barbeque.  Lauren even whipped up some dirty margaritas – yeah!   As anyone that’s spent time in Padang, West Sumatra might know, Joni Koon’s ikan bakar santan sauce is pretty tops.  A few years ago I managed to get the recipe out of Ibu, and it came in handy on this random evening in British Columbia.   IMG_2857 IMG_3759   The photo below is actually from a different night of feasting with a different fish that Lauren whipped up, too many feasts to keep track of...   IMG_3783   Quite the day indeed.   One day easily turned into a week (eating similarly throughout) before I hit the road again – totally rejuvenated, feeling healthy and stoked - ready for the next leg.  Although it was very tempting to stay.   A massive thanks to Heather and Lauren for being such gracious hosts, and for showing me a bit about their organic farms and inspiring way of life.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to visit the farmstead again - i'll be sure to bring the eggs.   IMG_3633 IMG_3778 DSC00952 DSC00955

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