The Neighborhood

Upon arriving into Arcata, Humboldt county, I visited a surf-shop called The Neighborhood, just looking to buy a little fin screw – but after meeting the owner Jess, and being offered a cold beer straight away, I found myself hanging out for a couple of days.   Turned out Jess and Marnie (sorry no pics of these great people, just video), were in the midst of setting up a collaborative space for surfers, shapers, artists, food lovers, muso’s, photographers and groms to hang out and share the stoke.   GOPR9849.MP4.Still001   They’d just leased a great space that looked a like an aircraft hanger to me, and were working hard to morph it into said space.   DSC02441 DSC02443   Whilst hanging out, I got chatting with local artist, Matt Beard, who’s now part of the Neighborhood collective.  As someone who enjoys painting as a creative outlet, I was keen to check out his work.   IMG_4305   Matt has developed an impressive series of paintings documenting the landscape and waves of California – but somehow it’s more than that.   Better that he describes what it’s all about (the guy’s great with the pen too), rather than the limits of my poor prose and misconceptions.   Check out his blog as well as his official website.   Just as a taster, here’s a couple of his pieces that jumped out at me.   Boardroom-day-2 C-CALIFORNIA-SPRING C-Wedding-Rock Hand-Jive Hursts-Point Matt Beard Sine-2-Transfer-of-Energy Waiting-For-His-Master Deep IMG_4314

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