The Ride(s)

  For the first 6-months Matty rode a seemingly infallible sidecar (customised to fit 3 surfboards).  It was later proven to be at least a little fallible when it was stolen on what would have otherwise been a very pleasant afternoon watching the sun go down at the beach, with a beer and a handful of tacos.   mhannon-62   Rather despondent about losing most of his worldly things, he almost gave up.  But with the encouragement of a few good friends, as well as the generous support from his sponsors, he scraped through and bought a cheaper bike. And although it didn't have quite the same character as the sidecar, there was a chance it might get him to Argentina.   mhannon-85   Then all of a sudden Heather joined, and one became two. She'd never even ridden on the back of a motorcycle before, let alone thought about riding one to the bottom of the world, in fact she thought they were more noisy than cool (but love can make you do crazy things sometimes).   mhannon-36   I suppose you could say they had a pretty good time on the bikes.   mhannon-10   mhannon-75   But after a while, perspectives changed.  Maybe it was all the travel?  Either way the duo sold their fast and fancy motorcycles and used that money to buy 4 rather slow (but friendly) horses.  The funny thing was, neither of them knew how to even get on a horse, let alone how to go about strapping a surfboard to one.   mhannon-37   And so it was a challenge. But it was also the best thing they'd ever done...   mhannon-157 mhannon-92 mhannon-112 mhannon-109 mhannon-17