MUSIC Zoe Keating - "Sun Will Set", from the album "One Cello X 16: Natoma" - zoekeating.com Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros, "Man on Fire" from the Album "Here" - edwardsharpeandthemagneticzeros.com/ BACKGROUND This journey started when I was asked to produce a short documentary about a bunch of blokes on motorbikes raising money for a charity, riding from Australia's most eastern point, to its most western. I had never seen the Aussie interior before, and so jumped at the chance.. I don't think I realised how bloody far it was. Turns out that when strangers come together, travelling for long distances, sleeping in the dirt with minimal cooking facilities or other worldly luxuries, personalities can clash. I stood by silent, generally dumbfounded by people's actions and words. About halfway through the journey I realised that the inherent drama of the motorbike crossing would not be suitable for the type of doco I had been asked to make. But I kept shooting, riding shotgun in good friend Bob Sander's Landcruiser as we trundled across the landscape. I still wanted to document the journey, but by this stage my subjects didn't like each other much, which isn't exactly the perfect recipe for a video that's supposed to promote the trip. So I turned the camera on myself, and began walking in front the lens, amongst the different landscapes.. As the splintered group travelled ever westward, we slept in our swags under the stars, cooked on an open fire, drank beer, told rude jokes and did other man stuff. It was great. There wasn't as much time for shooting as what I had thought - turns out you've got to spend a lot of time driving when doing these sorts of things. But in between driving and setting up camp i'd go for walks and find these amazing little glimpses of the outback - beautiful moments spent sitting in the red dirt watching a kingfisher, or stalking across the red dirt after an emu or dingo. Red dirt permeated everything, my swag, my ears, my nose, all of my camera gear - by the end I had a smiling beard of red dirt. The ocean was a welcome sight to gritty eyes after all the mileage. And not just any ocean, but the astoundingly beautiful Shark Bay. I love Western Australia. It was an amazing journey in the end, I learned a lot, saw a little bit of Oz, and made some great friends.. By the time the edit came around, I had a lot of footage with no real idea of what to make. I had a lot of shots of the back of my head as I walked through different landscapes.. hmmm.. real interesting.. Anyway, I mashed it together, wrote a little quip, and was lucky enough to have Ron Johnston come out of acting retirement at the age of 84 and offer to narrate it. Everything shot on location in the aussie outback. Thanks for watching.

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